School Board Profiles

Principal – Bronwyn Jones


Commenced July 2016

While I have not been at Kensington Primary School for long (this is my fourth year) I am pleased to be working with such a dynamic and hardworking group of people—staff, students, parents and School Board members.  I am committed to ensuring the students of KPS are successful; the teaching and learning opportunities are of the highest quality; and that the community are engaged and empowered.  I intend to ensure a school that is both responsive and ethical in all its decisions.  I truly believe that “together we achieve”.  I have a BA, Grad Dip Sc and two MEds.  I have been a teacher for over 25 years.


 Chair – Brendan Joss

Dr Brendn Joss Managing Director BnW 1

Commenced in 2018

I live in Kensington with my wife and two young boys, Xavier in Year 2 and Alexander to attend in the years to come.  We chose KPS for our sons for its strong community and interaction with teachers, students and parents.

My formal education (B.Sc Hons) is in exercise and sports science, with a PhD in exercise rehabilitation.  I have developed strong business and leadership skills through formal training and experience as Managing Director of my Allied Health business.

I also have over 6 years of formal board experience with Exercise and Sports Science Australia.

I look forward to making a valued contribution to Kensington Primary School and its community.


Vice Chair – Mike Purves

Mike Purves

Commenced in 2019

I am a parent of two boys at Kensington Primary School, one in Year 6 and one in Year 5.  I am passionate about the school and our community and would like to contribute more to both moving forward.

Professionally, I am a senior leader with P&N Bank and my role is to deliver a portfolio of projects that will realise our strategic objectives.  My key strengths would be: Project and Program management, stakeholder engagement, communications and organisational change management. 

Outside of work, my personal interests include a love of running, playing and coaching soccer (I am an accredited coach at youth level) and being a general sports enthusiast.


Secretary – Claire Backhouse

 Claire Backhouse photo4

 Commenced in 2018

 I’ve been an educator for over 15 years in public and private schools throughout country and metropolitan WA and QLD.  Over many years I have held leadership roles aimed at improving student outcomes in both literacy and numeracy.  In addition, I have held positions on two school councils and the Moora Primary School board.

I believe in life-long learning and hold the following qualifications

-          Bachelor of Education in Primary Education

-          Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies Japanese

-          Masters of Education in Special Needs

-          National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative’s Deputy Principal Colloquium.

I am passionate about ICT and STEM as they assist in preparing students for the future world through development of creative and critical thinking skills. 


Community Representative – Susan Lees

Susan Lees is a community member who believes that her experience in public education over 30 years enables her to support the Board of Kensington Primary School to continue to provide a quality education experience to the students of the school. Her current role is the Upper School Pastoral Care Coordinator at Kent Street SHS, so she has a strong understanding of the needs of the students and families in this region.

Other experiences which have developed a greater understanding of the educative needs of our young people include being a parent representative and then Chairperson of the Board of a parent-run Montessori School over a number of years and almost 20 years as a community member on the Board of Midland Joblink.

Susan is married to Stephen, who is completing his teacher training and hopes to enter into the public education system as a teacher in the future. Susan’s two children are both married and progressing on their own pathways into the future.


Community Representative - Katja Gvozdenovic

 Katja photo

Commenced in 2017

Katja is a Ngadju woman from Perth who has lived in Kensington for over 15 years. In 2012 she started teaching Baha’i classes at Kensington Primary School while studying at university. She graduated from university with a Bachelor of Laws, and works for the Department of Communities in the development of upgrades to remote Aboriginal communities. Katja likes long walks on the beach and enjoying a hot latte with the other cool kids at the cafe.


Staff Representative – Clare Brook

Clare Brook photo

Commenced in 2020

I offer 30 years experience as an Early Childhood specialist, Level 3 teacher and two years as a deputy principal. I hold a Masters in Education and am actively involved in the National Quality Standards (NQS) here at Kensington Primary and as a team partner state-wide in verifications. I have taught all years from K to Year 6 and tertiary level education students. In addition, I have held the role of curriculum consultant in early childhood education in the mid-west serving 52 schools.

I strongly believe in a whole child focus to education and that staff, parent and students relationships are paramount to student success.


Staff Representative – Emily Hasson

IMG 1690

Commenced in 2021

I have worked as a teacher for eight years, this is my sixth year teaching at Kensington Primary School. I have had experience teaching all years from K – 3 at Kensington and in the UK. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Business Law and Master of Teaching (Early Childhood).  

 I am passionate about delivering an engaging, inquiry-based program to my students. I especially enjoy teaching literacy and Digital Technologies.  

I feel very privileged to be part of the Kensington PS school community, where I am currently teaching a Year 2/3 class. I am committed to providing a safe and inclusive classroom environment for my students, fostering their curiosity and creativity.    



Staff Representative – Ashley Griffiths

IMG 1685

Commenced in 2021

I have been a part of KPS since 2012, when I started doing relief EA work whilst studying my teaching degree, and I have been a teacher here since 2016. I have spent a lot of time developing our Year 6 program to really challenge the students and ensure they have a good foundation of academic and self-management skills to take with them as they head off to high school. My favourite part of teaching is getting to know the students and their families and building strong relationships with them. KPS has such an incredible community around it and you can see how much of a difference this makes to the lives of the students here.

In my life outside of school, I have a wonderful wife, Heidi, whom I have been married to for eight years, and two young boys, Hugo and Charlie. When I am not spending time with the family, I love to play and watch sport, with a particular interest in soccer, basketball and Formula 1. I also love listening to music and watching movies.


Parent Representative –  James Ramsay

 James Ramsay

Commenced in 2019

After joining the Kensington community in 2015 with my wife and two children, we settled in with our oldest daughter starting Pre Primary in 2015 and is now in Year 6. Our youngest daughter began Kindy in 2016 and is now in Year 4.  We look forward to continuing being part of the school and Kensington community.

Having been an active member of the initial school board I bring some of my past knowledge and learnings to the new board. In my professional life I liaise with board members regularly which I envisage will be beneficial to the school and development of our school board.

In my day to day professional life I am a Stock Broker at Bell Potter Securities and have been for the last 10+ years. Being involved in Financial Services means I have a solid grounding in ethics, compliance and process that I can offer to the school.

I believe emotional intelligence, perseverance (grit) and sport are all part of the multiple dimensions we need to teach and instil in children along with a strong academic learning framework.


 Parent Representative – Linda Kut

 Linda Kut

Commenced in 2020

My partner, two wonderful girls, in Year 2 (Zoe) and Year 4 (Lexie), our golden fur child, Bronte, and I have lived in Kensington for over a decade (well... not the girls). It would be an honour and privilege to be a parent representative for a school our girls love and adore.

KPS has a strong community sense, which is exuded through the teachers, administrators, students and parents alike. It is this community sense that urges me to become involved at Board level to help guide the objectives and priorities of the school.

More formally, I am the General Manager of Burswood Park, with CPA qualifications. I have served in the public sector for over 20 years, in education, training, forestry and now parks. I recognise the importance of this role to the greater community and to the future of our children.

For fun, I pretend that I can play the piano, enjoy woodwork and am currently attempting to convince myself and my youngest that we should get into mountain biking! Call it a mid-life crisis.


Parent Representative – Simon Keen

Simon Keen 

Commenced in 2020

I have two sons at Kensington Primary, Jimmy in Year 4, and Leo, in Year 1.  My wife and I lived in Kensington while we both studied Theatre Arts at Curtin University and, after 12 years in Sydney, returned to Perth and moved int Kensington, which felt like home. My parents still live in Kensington and pick up our sons from school a couple of times a week.

I have worked in the Arts my whole life, as an actor initially and then on the business side.  I am currently the General Manager at A Youth Jazz Orchestra.  It is in this position that I have had the most contact with the education system, as WAYHO produces a large-scale education program, focusing on high-school and lower primary events and concerts.  I developed our Jazz for Juniors program, aimed at under 7 year-olds, after realising that my children were interested in participating in concerts and trying out instruments designed specially for their small hands.

I wish to join the Kensington Primary Board to give back to the community and use my management skills in strategy, finance and marketing to promote the growth of the school and collaborate with other parents.  In my role at WAYJO I am familiar with Board processes, reporting to my own Board, taking minutes and distributing Board papers and information.  I am versed in budget development, delivery and monitoring, and delivering strategic planning documents, including business plans, that take into account all of the company's stakeholders, in particular the 54 young musicians I represent.

With both of my sons participating in local sporting teams and learning piano from a local teacher, my family feels a strong connection to the community, and plan on living in Kensington well past the day when my wife and I retire.  We are delighted to have built our first home in the suburb, and look forward to being a key part of the school community.


Parent Representative – Adam Bartle

 Adam Bartle photo

 Commenced in 2021

My wife Kate and I moved to Kensington 8 years ago after returning from a work stint in

the Pilbara. I have two children in Kensington Primary (Tom in Year 1 and Grace in Kindy)
and a baby (Georgia) still at home.

In my professional life I am a Chartered Engineer working in the Marine and Port facilities
space with a focus on Project Management. I feel I have skills that complement the
existing board members skills, including my project management skills and ability to work
with diverse teams developed through consulting work with a wide range of clients and
team members around the world.

Outside of work, my hobbies include being bossed around by my children, watching or
playing sport, and spending time outdoors either camping somewhere remote or heading
down to the beach.

As my children have grown up in the area, being involved in local sporting teams and
activities around Kensington, I have developed a strong connection to Kensington and feel
joining the KPS board is a great opportunity to give something back to both the school and
the community. We are so lucky to live in Kensington and be part of such a great
community, and by joining the school board hope to keep fostering that sense of
community and encouraging parent involvement in our children’s education.


Parent Representative – Erin Sutton

 Erin Sutton photo

Commenced in 2021

I am a parent to two great kids at KPS - Jacob (Year 2) and Joshua (Pre-primary) and have always taken the approach that you need to support your local community and education facilities.  KPS parents and staff have embraced our family over the past three years and it is clear the school community is strong and thriving.

In my professional life, I work for an oil and gas company in the CBD so understand the juggle that many working parents face.  I feel my professional experience can aid the school in fulfilling its strategic objectives now and into the future.

My career has taken me across many industries including finance and agriculture before coming to work in oil and gas, so I would bring to the role of parent rep on the KPS board a broad range of skills across strategy, finance and stakeholder engagement.  Between 2012 and 2016, I was on the Parent Committee of our local Early Childhood Centre (Member, Treasurer and Chairperson roles), helping them steer through major changes to their funding and develop their strategic plan to enable them to form better robust long-term partnerships with the local council, community and state government.

It is important for both my husband (who is an Ambulance Paramedic) and I to feel that our children are supported on their journey through these important school years.  I know that playing an active role in that process through my involvement on the School Board is of benefit to us, the school and the community.


Parent Representative – Wayne Smith

Commenced in 2021

Having moved to Australia 4 years ago with our two boys, we were fortunate to have chosen Kensington as our home.  We were immediately drawn to KPS for the warmth and feeling the school exuded, the friendly and knowledgeable attitude of the teachers and staff and a learning environment with a distinctly family feel.

Professionally, I am a Chartered Accountant and former Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers where I sat on a number of Board and Audit Committees.  In my current role I am a Group Financial Controller of Australian Gas Infrastructure Group.  Specialising in finance, governance and compliance, I bring practical and first-hand experience in order to solve issues and drive process improvement.

Education is one of the biggest gifts you can provide for your children and I welcome the opportunity to give back to the school for the benefit of not only my but other children and parents of Kensington.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family, playing soccer and mountain biking and continue to chase the dream of one day completing an ironman (like my wife Michelle).