School Banking

At Kensington Primary School we have been fortunate to run the school banking program through the Commonwealth Bank Youth Savers Programme and the Kensington Primary Parents and Citizens’ (P&C) committee for a number of years.

The program is run by volunteers with the aid of a Commonwealth Bank Co-ordinator who oversees the programme for WA.

  • Location – Outside staff room
  • Hours of operation – 8.30 to 8.45 am every Thursday
  • Contact – Cathy Godden

The school is rewarded with 5% of all the deposits and receive $5 for each new banker to the school, with all the funds raised going to the Kensington P&C.

The students are taught the fundamental benefits to saving, and are rewarded with tokens each deposit.  The tokens are cashed in for prizes after 10 tokens are collected.

Along with the great range of prizes, they are included in national competitions, rewarded with milestone certificates and hopefully earning pocket money through helping at home, all the while learning a respect and understanding of currency.

To learn more visit us on Thursday and receive a new account information pack or send us an enquiry by emailing us here.