The Uniform Shop is run by the Kensington Primary Parents and Citizens’ (P&C) committee.  It is made up of volunteers.

  • Location – Music room
  • Hours of operation – 8.20 to 8.50 am every Thursday
  • Contact – Fiona Patten

The Uniform Committee has commenced a new system of ordering where parents are able to place orders throughout the year without needing to wait for the bulk orders in Terms 1 and 3.  Methods of ordering are:

1. Order forms (located in the front office or available by clicking here) can be filled out and returned with payment to the P&C box.  If they are there by Wednesday afternoon each week, if items are in stock, the order will be processed and packed the following day.

2. Online ordering via the Team App website.  The link is https://kensingtonps.teamapp.com/

3. By downloading the Team App app onto your smartphone/tablet.

Information on how to do online ordering can be found by clicking here.

A new polo shirt was introduced last year but you may notice many children still wearing gold shirts.  There is a transition period of three years, ending December 2019, after which time only green polos will be permitted.

To view what items are available and the costs associated please click on the links below.

If you have any queries regarding uniforms and availability please provide your name, email and query by clicking on the following email link.