Our School

KensingtonPrimarySchoolEntranceKensington Primary School is located 4km from Perth CBD in the heart of tranquil and leafy Kensington. The school opened in 1926 and the ambience of the school is always a talking point for visitors to the school.

The school has undergone significant growth over recent years, necessitating the use of transportable buildings as classrooms. Kensington Primary School is steeped in tradition, and this is well appreciated by members of the community. It is well known that our deliberate focus on community, keeping traditions and making new ones is successfully building strong partnerships with the school community as a whole.

The staff at Kensington Primary School represent a broad range of experience, from graduate to 35 years experience. The staff can be described as energised, committed to quality teamwork and highly professional.

Shared leadership and leadership development are key aspects of the way the school operates. The staff work positively as a whole team. So far, Kensington Primary School has two Level 3 Classroom Teachers, and many other members of staff as aspirants.