School Banking Update

Another update for the awesome school bankers!!!

As you may well know the Australia Wide Banking Competition to win a family trip to QLD needs our bankers to have make at least 3 deposits this term to get entered.  I have just counted up how many students are already eligible and we have 65!!!! Already.  That is a FANTASIC number and a wonderful effort for our dedicated bankers (and mums and dads and carers who make sure it happens)

For any of you who are still keen to enter we have 3 weeks left in this term so you can still be in with a chance if you get banking!

Fingers crossed we might see some prizes come our way this year!

And to all the very patient bankers who are still waiting on their rewards, THANK YOU for your patience.  At this stage they seem to be running about 3 weeks behind in the orders and as soon as l get a parcel in we try and deliver them to the rooms as soon as possible.  Since we are doing such a great job and ordering lots of rewards l think this might be the normal wait, sad to say!  But don’t hesitate to ask and remind us each week just in case.

Stay warm and Happy Banking

Shannon, Taryn, Tanya and Jenny (who is yodelling from the Swiss Alps)