NAIDOC Week Celebrations

On Thursday 22nd July, we celebrated NAIDOC Week which was officially held during the school holidays from 4th – 11th July.

We began the day with a brief welcome assembly and raising of the flag run by our student councillors. Throughout the day, each student had the opportunity to enjoy some traditional Noongar food, kangaroo dip and damper, prepared by Mrs Jetta and to reflect on what they know about the six Noongar seasons by creating a poster to represent their favourite season.

A highlight of the day was the concert from Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse, where we were treated to a selection of their songs in Noongar language.

To conclude our celebrations, each class joined up with their buddies to reflect on this year’s theme, ‘Heal Country’. The students came up with some very insightful and meaningful comments about what Country means to them, using these ideas to create a collaborative paper chain. Overall, the theme from the responses was that Country is where we feel safe, connected to nature and it holds a special place in our heart. Gina Williams captured this very well in saying, “Country is where your heart goes when your head says home”. A fantastic day was had by all, and we all walked away from the experience with richer knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the Noongar culture.  

Teacher - Emily Hasson


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