Sports News

State Cross Country 

Nineteen of our students entered in the State Cross Country on Thursday August 12. It is a very daunting experience racing against the best in the state with competitor numbers in each race ranging from 215 to 343 and the distance was longer than we run at Interschool. Our runners handled the situation very well and I was very proud of their efforts.  Congratulations to James who came 2nd and, along with Isobel and Ava, was invited to the state trials next year.    

Year 3 Girls: 215 competitors: Isobel 14th.
Year 4 Girls: 300 competitors: Charlotte 71st, Kenzie 113th, Sara 220th.                                                      Year 5 Girls: 343 competitors: Ava 19th, Katya 40th.                                                                                            Year 6 Girls: 335 competitors: Isla 30th, Bridget 65th, Ava 88th.                                                                     Year 3 Boys: 257 competitors: Ted 98th, Freddie 126th.                                                                                      Year 4 Boys: 292 competitors: James 2nd, David 152nd.                                                                                      Year 5 Boys: 293 competitors: Zakaria 23rd, Lawson 36th.                                                                                Year 6 Boys: 278 competitors: Ethan 83rd, Jackson 130th, Hector 133rd.

Faction Carnival

Faction Carnival Week is next week! The program for the week is attached. There may be some changes and we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible. Parents are reminded not to “visit” their children in the faction bays on Friday. Competitor lists will be on the Sport notice board outside the staffroom. Competitors from Year 1 to 6 will be selected from the carnival to compete at the interschool carnival in Week 9.

Running Club

Running Club continues on Tuesday and Friday morning on the oval form 8.00 – 8.30am. Runners from Kindy – Year 6 are welcome. We have been preparing for the Faction Carnival.

Summer Sports

Registrations are now open for a range of summer sports. Check out our local clubs' websites for details.