Sports News

Sporting Schools

Thanks to the funding we have received through the Sporting Schools program we have been able to participate in a basketball program through the Perth Basketball Association and buy 50 new basketballs.

The Year 3 students are currently half way through their bike ed. program. It is great to see them remembering the safety rules they have learnt and see students put them in to practice.

Bike Ed

Wheel Life Program

Next week the Year 4 – 6 students will take part in the Wheel Life Program. The program is designed to motivate and educate, whilst providing a practical understanding of what it is like to live with a physical disability.


The Pre-primary students are continuing the circus program, while the rest of the school had their last session last week. Some senior students are working with Mr Ran to showcase their skills in an item at the Christmas assembly. Interesting fact – one of our students can 4-ball juggle and many can do multiple types of 3-ball juggling.


Next week we have a boys' and a girls' cricket team competing in the regional finals for T20 Cricket. We qualified for this event by winning our VPASSA competition in Term 1. We wish them all the best and know they will do their best as they represent Kensington PS.

Running Club

Running Club continues on Tuesday where we play running games and Friday, which is obstacle course day, from 8.00am – 8.30am. Come and join us for a fun, energetic way to start the days. Active kids learn better!

Teacher - Raema Stanford