Sports News

Pre-Primary Tennis Racquets

Last Wednesday all the Pre-primary students received a free tennis racquet. This was part of an initiative by the 2021 ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Racquet Roadshow and Tennis West. We qualified for the racquets because of our involvement in offering tennis in our PE sessions. We hope to see lots of budding tennis players in the future as you use you racquet over the summer. Happy rallying!

Wheel Chair Sport

Last week the Year 4 -6 students participated in the Wheel Life program. The program is designed to educate the students about some of the challenges in everyday life associated with living with a disability. We also did some activities designed to see what it would be like to have a hearing or visual impairment.

‘I thought that wheelchair basketball was super fun especially because our instructor told us to do some drills to warm up giving us time and the opportunity to learn more skills before we went to a full on game’ Ebony.

Regional Cricket Finals

Our Boys' and Girls' cricket teams competed in the Regional Finals of the T20 State competition. The girls won 3 games and lost 1 and qualified to play in the State finals this Friday. The boys' won 2 and lost 2 against some tough opposition. Congratulations to Harry who, on the day, got a 'double hat trick’ – 4 wickets in 4 balls.

Running Club

There will be no Running Club this Friday. We will continue next week and have our final run on Tuesday of Week 8 when we will have a short run and breakfast.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for PP – Year 5 students will be in Week 9 and 10. Swimming is a compulsory part of our school program. Parents must complete the Consent2GO online and return the yellow swimming enrolment form and payment, if required, to their classroom teacher.

Teacher - Raema Stanford