Sports News

Swimming Lessons

Lessons will be completed today and certificates will be sent home tomorrow. The students have worked hard on improving their swimming technique. The certificate will indicate what stage to attempt next year. Thanks to the students, staff and parents for their support during the lessons.

Sports Monitors

Thanks to our Year 6 Sport Monitors Harry, Hamish, Jack, Ethan, Hector and Jonty for a great effort throughout the year in looking after our sports equipment and putting it out and in every day. They have also set up for all the Senior Sport sessions on Fridays and generally helped Mrs Stanford with any set up that needed to be done, big or small. Your effort is very much appreciated.

Jump Jam Leaders

A big thank you to our Jump Jam leaders, Leela, Sachi, Maddie, Matilda, Ava, Isla, Darcey, Tamsin, Juanita and Meg for their commitment in practising the routines each Monday and leading the whole school in Jump Jam sessions including the faction athletics carnival and the Christmas concert. You have done an amazing job.


Congratulations to the students who won sport scholarships for high school in 2022 : Tamsin – netball and basketball, Isla - netball and cricket, Ava – basketball, Juanita – netball, Niamh – cricket and Sophia – volleyball.

Thank you!

Thank you to the school community for your support throughout 2021. We could not achieve some of the amazing things we do like running club, senior sport, faction carnivals, interschool carnivals and sporting programs without your commitment to assist. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and active holiday. Remember active kids learn better.

Raema Stanford