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Principal's Message

Kensington Primary School has an active and supportive parent body and staff who work collaboratively.  We are developing our use of formative assessment to engage and respond to student needs.  Active engagement in learning and collaboration are important aspects of this process. We model respectful relationships and have high expectations for all students.  Building resilience and values are key aspects of our social-emotional learning plans, along with decision making and conflict resolution. 


Together we achieve!


CREATIVITY – Discovering the power of imagination!  Encouraging original thought, curiosity and daring to see things in new ways.  Identifying your own special strengths.

RESPECT – An attitude of treating ourselves, others and all living things with dignity and courtesy.  Treating others as we want to be treated.

INTEGRITY – Being honest and standing up for what you believe is right.  Doing the right thing even if it is hard.

SAFETY – Securing and protecting everyone, including our school’s reputation and our environment.

PERSEVERANCE – Committing to goals and overcoming obstacles no matter what it takes.  Choosing your commitments wisely, and then don’t give up!


To provide a learning environment that fosters successful students, excellence in teaching and learning, and engaged parents and community partners.


Develop our students’ potential, enabling their positive contribution to the world.

In order to achieve our vision we strive for excellence through individual development of students, taking into account differing learning styles and needs.  We endeavour to empower students to take responsibility for their learning, instilling in students the belief that learning is a lifelong process. We provide an attractive, caring, challenging and supportive environment in which all students are accorded respect, develop self-belief and acceptance of self.  We aim to build a reputation as a respected centre of learning in the local and wider community.